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Graceful Aging Functional Health Consult

Learn your biological age , and how to reverse it!

  • 1 h
  • 600 US dollars
  • Chesapeake Bay Business Park

Service Description

While we cannot reverse our chronological age (number of years on this Earth), we can reverse our biological age (age of our cells)! When we are testing for biological age, we are assessing your body's ability to methylate DNA. Every single cell in our body has the exact same DNA in it. Do you ever wonder how a skin cell becomes a skin cell, and how a heart cell becomes a heart cell? This is a result of DNA expression being either turned ON or OFF. This is called epigenetic regulation, which applies on/off switches in your DNA. DNA methylation is the off switch, and this is what is tested via blood sample. Certain lifestyle factors and dietary regimens have been proven by evidence-based medicine to up-regulate methylation in order to turn OFF unfavorable genes, and turn ON the genes that we want. What you will get with this package: 1. Two- 60 minute consultations. ----First consultation: comprehensive collection of health history and lifestyle history ----Second consultation: ***review of your biological age test results (age and how quickly you are aging) ***recommendations provided on lifestyle modifications and "hacks" that have been proven to improve DNA epigenetic expression ***a dietary plan that focuses on optimizing DNA epigenetic expression 2. Epigenetic Age Test Kit ***Provides biological age ***Provides rate of aging ***Provides insight into risk for developing certain diseases ***Provides age of the immune system ***and more!

Contact Details

  • 133 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, MD, USA

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