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Choose your pricing plan

  • Medical Consult

    Initial functional medicine consultation for one client
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1-Initial consultation & 1-Follow up consultation
    • Thorough intake of past medical history and symptoms.
    • Recommendations and coaching for lifestyle modifications.
    • Ordering diagnostic testing.
    • Review and interpretation of diagnostic test results.
    • Developing and implementing a personalized care plan.
    • Prescribing medications and nutraceuticals.
    • 90 minute initial visit & 60 minutes follow up visit.
  • Medical Follow Up

    Functional Medicine General Follow Up (for existing clients)
    Valid for one year
    • Ordering diagnostic labs.
    • Reviewing diagnostic labs.
    • Formulating updated plans of care.
    • Prescribing medication and/or nutraceuticals.
    • Educating on lifestyle modifications.
    • 60 minute follow up visit.
  • Coaching Consult

    For the client who would like coaching on diet and lifetyle.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Coaching on dietary modifications.
    • Coaching on lifestyle modifications to optimize health.
    • Personalized dietary plan provided.
    • Personalized exercise plan provided.
    • Personalized lifestyle modification plan provided.
    • Gut health optimization protocol provided.
    • *Note-this consult does NOT include vitamin recommendations.
    • *Note- this consult does NOT include diagnostic labs.
    • 60 minute consultation.
  • e-book

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