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Functional Fertility Medicine Membership

One-time initial consult fee of $350 + subscription of $150/mo

  • 1 h
  • Chesapeake Bay Business Park

Service Description

--Vital Aspirations offers a monthly Functional Fertility Medicine Membership at a rate of $150 per month. --THIS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PROVIDES THE PATIENT WITH: ***One-time 90 minute Initial Consultation. ***One 60 minute follow up consultation per month ***All lab orders, interpretations, treatment planning and recommendations included ***Unlimited messages via the secured patient portal system ***Discounts on specialty functional diagnostic testing ***20% discount on supplements ***Lifestyle coaching and functional nutrition counseling --HERE IS HOW IT WORKS!! 1. Schedule a 30 minute free Discovery Call to ensure that we are a good match. 2. If we decide to establish a patient-provider relationship, we will set up a 90 minute initial consultation. The fee for this initial consultation is $250. 3. The membership will initiate 30 days after the initial consultation. The membership fee is $150 per month. You are able to schedule a 60 minute follow up visit with our practitioner every single month. Regular consultations have been shown to improve patient outcomes. Visits can be done in-person, or via telemedicine platform! --FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q. Do you accept insurance? A. No, we unfortunately do not accept insurance at this time. However, we do provide you with a super-bill containing the necessary ICD10 and CPT codes. You may submit this to your insurance company and inquire about reimbursement. Q. How long does a membership last? A. For as long as you would like! However, the goal at Vital Aspirations is to work with you intensively on a monthly basis for a prescribed period of time. While we absolutely love seeing you, our mission is to work on the root causes of your concerns so that you do not need to come back! All patients have the option to pause their membership after 3 months, and they may restart it if ever needed. Q. Can you cancel your membership? A. Yes, can absolutely cancel your membership if you are not satisfied after your initial consultation and first two follow up appointments. Q. Does Vital Aspirations replace my primary care provider? A. No, we do not replace your primary care provider. This is because we are not equipped to manage acute visits (i.e.- sore throats). We are looking at your health through a different lens, and we are considered a specialty consultation. Vital Aspirations is more than happy to collaborate with any of your other providers!

Contact Details

  • 133 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, MD, USA

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