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The Anti-Inflammatory Protocol E-Book

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This anti-inflammatory protocol is designed to optimize your metabolism, hormones, gut health, and skin. It will leave you feeling light, energetic, and radiant! If you struggle with symptoms such as brain fog, blemishes, lack-luster skin, mood swings, abdominal bloating, chronic runny nose or frequent infections, or hormone imbalances... then you could be dealing with inflammation. Most are shocked to discover that the way to drastically reduce inflammation is through improving your gut health! When your gut is thrives, YOU thrive. We invite you to give this protocol a try if you are ready to feel and look amazing! THIS E-BOOK (137 pages) CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: -About + Introduction -Goals -The 5 Step Process To Heal The Gut And Lower Inflammation ----But First...What Is Gut Health? ----Removing Triggers ----Promoting Proper Digestion ----Re-Inoculating The Microbiome ----Healing Leaky Gut ----Creating Balance -Food Sensitivities -The Anti-Inflammatory Food Plan ----Features ----Things To Consider ----Portions ----Preferred Food List ----Daily Food Intake Template ----Superfoods List ----Benefits of Color Guide ----How to Cook and Prepare Foods ---- Benefits of Spices Guide -----Index of Nutrients and Foods ----7-Day Meal Plan ----Fluid Intake Guide ----How To Food Prep -Recipes -Exercise Benefits and Recommendations -Lifestyle Recommendations -How To Optimize Sleep -How to Manage Perceived Stress -Nurturing Mental and Emotional Health

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