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nourish the soil before planting the seed

If you are looking to become pregnant in the next three or more months, this service is invaluable.  Here you will learn how to enhance your diet, lifestyle, and balance hormones prior to conception. Not only is this helpful for optimizing fertility, but this is essential when looking to grow and nourish a thriving, vital child.  This consultation offers you more than just your "standard" blood testing. Here you will have the option to assess your micronutrient status, as well as other functional testing to screen for barriers to conceiving

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our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. i strive to remove the obstacles.

Is it taking longer than you and your partner thought it would to conceive a child? If you would like to learn how to optimize your fertility naturally as well as improve your overall health, this service is for you.  You can expect a thorough intake and evaluation of you and your partner's past medical and lifestyle history during your initial visit. You will receive a plan of care with recommended conventional and functional medicine testing to complete. In addition to standard blood tests, other diagnostics may include DUTCH (hormone) testing, stool testing, food sensitivity testing, and genetic testing. You will be provided with recommendations to increase fertility based upon your symptomatology  and lab results. Please note that this service does not provide the use of artificial assisted reproductive technology. If you are already undergoing artificial assisted reproductive technology with a Reproductive Endocrinologist, this service is still a wonderful adjunct to those therapies.



refueling your mind and body after baby

This service is for the mother who is looking to restore her health after the birth of her child. Your body has just built and nourished a brand new human--how amazing, congratulations!! 

If nutrients were scarce at times during pregnancy, your body may have used the calcium from your bones to build baby's bones, and the fatty acids from your brain to build baby's brain! Whether you breastfeed, pump milk, or formula feed, it is so important to refill YOUR OWN nutrient stores so that you can perform and feel your best each day. Here we will address the infamous "baby brain", as well as other chronic ailments that may be inhibiting your body's ability to function optimally.  Diagnostic work up will involve laboratory testing of nutrients, as well as other functional medicine testing if appropriate. Organs targeted for healing will include the liver, intestines, and brain. Treatment plans will include dietary, lifestyle, supplemental, and herbal recommendations based on your unique biology.

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